Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Realistic Approach to The War on Terror

I have been watching with amazement with the efforts to combat terrorism around the world through various distorted strategies. Whether it be President Bush's extreme right wing posture suggesting pre/empetive attacks on nations, or the various analyst who take to the air offering an account of the facts with a healthy dose of spin. Lets face it, if someone is that hell bent on killing innocent people what can we possibly due? Capture them? Well, their dead after they have commited the horrifying act. A more realisitc approach i think is to understand why these attacks happen in the first place. What motivates a human to blow themselves to smitherens in order to to take the lives of a particular group of people. For starters, terrorist usually point to the fact that 450,000 Iraqi's have been killed by massive U.S bombs over the last year. They bring up the fact that Israel is killing Palestinians 8 to 1, and that U.S policy has been to fully support Israel despites its several agressions. Furthermore, they point to the bombings that kill civilians by the hundreds in Afghanistan, and prisons that carry out torture. Do they have a point? I think so.